Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wandering into Wellington

On March 3, 2010,  I wandered into Wellington/Collingsworth County pretty darn early in the morning.   Highway 83 out of Shamrock is a beautiful route to take.  Wellington, county seat of Collingsworth County, is a great town of about 2,500.  Driving into town you can't help but notice the red & black touches that proudly boasts the mighty Wellington Skyrockets.  As always, I drive around the towns I visit looking with "new eyes" at what it has to offer, and Wellington has lots.  Of course,  the newly restored Wellington Ritz Theatre is a showpiece that offers movies, concerts, and special venues to the public. The Wellington Activity Center is also an amazing facility, one that brings people together and supports healthy lifestyles. The result of an innovative public/private partnership, this million-dollar center is something you'll enjoy visiting.  You can learn about Collingsworth County's history & heritage at the Collingsworth County Museum in downtown Wellington.  One of the more notable occurrences was when infamous gangsters Bonnie & Clyde and crew accidentally took a drive off the bridge North of town.  Historical markers tell the story. Wellington offers lots of diners to find that great cheeseburger or chicken fried steak.  We had a great turnout at the Special Stamp Cancellation.  Thanks to Lisa Wilhelm, Tommy Hudson, and  Post Master Rodney Reeves for the welcome to Wellington.  Senator Robert Duncan's assistant Jennifer Foster was there also.  Wellington is definitely a place on the move--luring outside businesses to make their home where housing and living expenses are less expensive plus a top-notch school system and place to raise a family.   I would say All is well in Wellington.  Looking forward to returning for their Annual September Peanut Festival! All's well in Wellington.  Find out more here.

                Photos by Rick Vanderpool

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