Monday, February 22, 2010

Chillin' in Childress

I love Childress.  It's one of those towns that every time I go visit my sister in Ft. Worth, I HAVE to stop.  Those cute little stores demand the slam on the brake just to see what's new. Plus I'm not sure I've ever gone through without stopping at the Childress Bakery.  To those of you who just barely slow down to get through Childress, you would do yourself a great favor by getting off ol' 287 and taking a cruise around Childress.  Their downtown area has beautiful murals and historic buildings. just have to check out Childress's Fair Park where many yearly events take place. I didn't have the opportunity to snoop around in the Childress County Heritage's on my "next time" list.  While visiting there for the County Stamp Cancellation, we had the honor of speaking to a large crowd of 7th and 4th graders.  Thanks so much to Janet Word, Elementary Principal for taking the time to show us the television studio and a tour around the school.  As a former educator I can say that Childress Elementary "has it going on." Lucky students. Lucky community.   Promise to stop?   Hope so.  You'll be glad you did.  Happy Trails, Deborah Sue  Find out more about Childress, Childress CountyVisit their website here.
February 17, 2010 In Childress--Excerpt from Rick Vanderpool's Journal

Casting A Positive Light on Castro County

Week Six of the Texas Plains Trail Stamp Cancellation was held in Dimmitt, Texas on February 10. So much fun to see and hear about all the wonderful projects that each town has going on.  Clara Vick, Castro County Historical Commission is such an asset to their community.  She has spent countless hours with the Museum and POW Camp North of Dimmitt.  Thanks to Mike Hodges, Dimmitt Postmaster and Judge Bill Sava for their help.  Rick Vanderpool and I had a great time with the 4th and 7th graders.  Thanks to Beverly Schulte and the other teachers for allowing us time out of class--especially with TAKS test on the loom. Oh, and a big high five for our lunch out at the Country Club.  Judge Sava's suggestion gets high fives from all of us at the Plains Trail Region.  Visit Dimmitt's website here.  And you can find out so much more about Castro County, Dimmitt, and the Castro County Museum with a simple click. 

Excerpt from TPTR BOARD CHAIR, D. Mosser
 "The Carter Family, the first residents, had ties to the Amon Carter family of Ft. Worth, Dimmitt has one of the 1930's Ozark Trail markers, and then the wonderful and painful stories of the POW Camps .I hope to return to visit the museum. There was a lot of energy in the town and everyone could not have been nicer. I know we made a great friends for the Trail in Castro County."  Dolores Mosser, TPTR Board Chair

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Glad To Be In Gail or No Boredom in Borden

After a great evening in Post, I had an early morning drive on Scenic 669.  I often tell people that these drives are somewhat spiritual...enough so to stop the car, get out, and just take in the God-made beauty that surrounds you.  Many people jokingly talk of the nothingness in our region, but it is that exact description that I believe is our largest tourist draw.  A place where you can see and breathe nature without the clamor of the city.  It is these roads that bikers and peace-seekers yearn to find.   That said, arriving in Gail, put a smile on my face.  It's as if the world disappears in Borden County...a much simpler and easier way of life.  A place where everyone knows when 'breaktime' is in the courthouse.   A place where they give "strangers" the keys to the museum.   A place community pride and tradition is more-than apparent in their Borden County School--a top-notch facility that exudes warmth and closeness of faculty and students.   (Even made me miss teaching for a minute.)  No doubt, these students are given an education that will prepare them for any avenue they choose to pursue.  A place where all the locals meet at the Coyote Cafe to discuss day-to-day events and solve the problems of the world....which seem very distant from Gail.  A special place, indeed!  Deborah Sue  Find out more about Borden County hereGail here, and the Borden County ISD here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shining Brightly in Silverton

Photos by Holle Humphries
Top Ten Reasons To Go to Silverton/Briscoe County by Deborah Sue 
1.  Amazing Highway 207  2.  Jerry Baker at the Briscoe County Museum (His picture is featured in our Plains Trail brochure.) 3.  Kay's "Something Different" Cinnamon rolls   4.  Everything on the menu at the Malt Shop   5.  A night at the Silver Winds Cabins   6. Shopping at their cute shops.   7.  A scenic drive out to MacKenzie Lake  8.  Historic Courthouse & other buildings in the County.   9. Welcome from the  friendly folks.  10.  Why not?  It's a great Sunday drive.   Visit these websites to find out more about Silverton,  and Briscoe County. 


Panhandle Proud

                                                                Photos by Rick Vanderpool
And the Texas Plains Trail Special Stamp Cancellation fun continues..... 
As Regional Executive Director, it seems there are so many jobs that have to be done, that the ones I love to do most get placed on the last back-burner.   Anyway, without overdoing that topic, I am happy that author/poet/photographer/and all around talented, yet goofy guy, Rick Vanderpool, has been journaling our weekly events as we travel to each of our 52-Counties this year.  He's been gracious enough to allow me to share his entries on our blog site.  You'll enjoy his insights!  We may be back-tracking a bit, but allow patience for his sure-to-be good reads! 




Tales from the Plains Trail Region

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