Sunday, May 17, 2009

Knocking on Knox County's Door

Have you ever received a present not expecting it to contain much? Then you open it to find the most magnificent treasure imaginable. This would be my trip to Knox County. As Regional Coordinator of the Texas Plains Trail Region, you can't even believe the wonderful places I get to go. Everyone of them unique. Everyone of them different. But KNOX COUNTY! Wow and double WOW! This place knocked my socks off with their accomplishments made by their creative, stick-to-it, won't say no attitude. This is the finest example of community partnerships. The towns of Knox City, Goree, Truscott, Munday, and Benjamin have joined forces to showoff the best things in their county. It is rural tourism at its finest. Laying aside school rivalries within the county, these towns have listed their assests, made goals, and like a house on fire, set off to get them done. Everything from quaint shopping stores, decorated tractors, precious bed & breakfasts, hunting opportunities, ranch tours, salvaged buildings, car collections, watermelon feasts--I'm not kidding, I'm in love with this county. I am planning to take visitors to Knox County for an "inspirational tour." They have set the standard for other communities to follow. Visit their website today to find out more: You will find the people who'll welcome you with open arms. Drop in, won't ya? The visit will make you smile. Tell em' Deborah Sue sent you. Find out more awesome places in our region at:

Stop and SHOP in Seminole

Isn't it great to be driving down a highway on a long trip home, then suddenly get sidetracked by something unexpectedly wonderful? This happened recently to Texas Plains Trail Board Member, Virginia Scott on a return from El Paso. They made a "pit stop" in Seminole, Texas, and just happened to find a sign reading, "SEMINOLE TRADE DAYS!" What luck! Now they certainly couldn't resist, and holy smokes they found treasures galore. Virginia and her traveling companion, Georgia, found food booths (Hot dogs, Mexican food, hamburgers), and lots of booths filled-to-the gills with beautifully crafted items from local artisans. Booths ladened with iron works, jewelry, home decor, purses...well, let's just say, more than can be described --lured the two of them to purchase the following: a set of 4 ceramic garden pots (Inexpensive as compared to retail stores), key hangers for their purses, presents for all the grandchildren, dried salsa dips, homemade dish scrubbies, and peanut patties. (Sidenote: Seminole is #1 in peanuts. You can even have freshly made peanut butter made in a jiffy. No pun intended) Virginia and Georgia apparently left a few dollars in Seminole. They couldn't say enough about all of the items to be had for a few dollars: leather works, birds, farm/ranch supplies, water softeners. After a "short" stop--an hour and a half---stomachs full and trunk loaded, they were happy campers. Needless to say, the two of them could do a commercial for Seminole Trade Days. Virginia stated, "We always drive to our meetings and always find something new that either teaches us, pleases us, or simply mystifies us. That's the beauty of TEXAS."
I don't know about you, but I'm going to find out the upcoming Trade Days in Seminole at Check out more great places to go in the Plains Trail Region at

Nothing Shallow About Shallowater, Texas

Shallowater, Texas, a community Northwest of Lubbock, is anything but one dimensional. It will be evident upon your arrival that its, "Texas roots run deep." This motto has evidently been passed on to the youth. A visit to the school will leave you knowing that the future of Shallowater is in great hands. Under the direction of teacher, Cindy Crouch, and Superintendent Phil Warren, the Service Learning Class have begun the Woodward Heritage Park. Dana and Elleine Woodward, former Shallowater ISD teachers, donated their Heritage Farm artifacts to the district and all have been moved to the Shallowater HS grounds. Structures include the home, and the school house (with the bell). Future projects include adding the windmill, corral, and landscaping. This amazing group of community-minded students have made a commitment to honor their past and embrace the future. Through their efforts, much has been done to improve the town. News headlines these days focus upon teenagers in trouble. Make no mistake, Shallowater has found the key to student involvement. These bright, creative, and visionary kids give presentations that major CEO's would envy. Visit their website at: www. to find out more. The Texas Plains Trail Regional Board of Directors recently had a meeting there, and as a retired teacher, I can say, never have I witnessed a more impressive group of students. If you are needing motivation for your youth, head to Shallowater to see the wondrous things they have done. Shallowater....a great place to visit and live. Check out our website to find more excursions:



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