Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Toast to Post

I have the great privilege of traveling the 52 Counties and 282 Communities in the Texas Plains Trail Region. It never ceases to amaze me that every trip I find something new and unusual. The trip to Post, Texas this week was one of those learning experiences. Back when Post had its monthly Old Mill Trade Days, I was a vendor selling my calligraphy artwork. Those days however, I drove in...drove out...never stopping to mill ( no pun intended) around the town. What a mistake that was! This! Post was founded by cereal magnate CW Post. Yes, that's right, CW of Post Toasties and Grapenuts. It seems CW, after manufacturing all kinds of agricultural equipment and "fathering" advertisement for his healthy products, Postum, Post Toasties and others, was looking for his "Utopia." He found that perfect spot about three and a half miles from the Cap Rock on the High Plains of Texas. A beautiful town was built...much of which is still standing thanks to the wonderful community who has embraced their significant history. The City of Post...once Post City...flourishes today with the OS Museum (you gotta see this!), the old Sanitarium which now holds the Garza County Historical Museum (Get one of the girls to give you the'll love it...and learn lots.), the Hotel Garza Bed & Breakfast l, the Garza Theatre, and the Historic Algerita Building. Believe me, one day in Post isn't enough. Make time to catch a gospel show at the Ragtown Theater...and then...the shops. I stopped in at the Plum Crazy, a unique creative place. You won't get out of that place without finding something unusually cute! I'm heading back in a come too! Check out the fantastic history of Post at Happy Trails!



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