Monday, March 1, 2010

More to Find in Morton

                                          Each town that I travel to in the Texas Plains Trail is the same and different-- which makes for always fun adventures and memories.  Morton has the same small town charm with its wonderfully warm folks who welcome us in to their town like best friends, yet it definitely has its own unique flavor. Morton, Cochran County Historical Commission, the Chamber and the Texas Last Frontier Museum people strive to make their community better.  They "get" what it takes to preserve their history and treasures in the county.  Thanks in large part to the likes of Sammie Simpson, Judge St. Clair, and Dorothy Barker and many others.  I can't wait until the last weekend in June to return for their ever-growing Buffalo Soldier Encampment Day.   Mark your calendars too!    Thanks to Cochran County for their support to the Texas Plains Trail Region. Read more about this great community here.

Excerpt: Rick Vanderpool TPTR Postal Cancel Journal entry




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