Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Toast to Post

I have the great privilege of traveling the 52 Counties and 282 Communities in the Texas Plains Trail Region. It never ceases to amaze me that every trip I find something new and unusual. The trip to Post, Texas this week was one of those learning experiences. Back when Post had its monthly Old Mill Trade Days, I was a vendor selling my calligraphy artwork. Those days however, I drove in...drove out...never stopping to mill ( no pun intended) around the town. What a mistake that was! This! Post was founded by cereal magnate CW Post. Yes, that's right, CW of Post Toasties and Grapenuts. It seems CW, after manufacturing all kinds of agricultural equipment and "fathering" advertisement for his healthy products, Postum, Post Toasties and others, was looking for his "Utopia." He found that perfect spot about three and a half miles from the Cap Rock on the High Plains of Texas. A beautiful town was built...much of which is still standing thanks to the wonderful community who has embraced their significant history. The City of Post...once Post City...flourishes today with the OS Museum (you gotta see this!), the old Sanitarium which now holds the Garza County Historical Museum (Get one of the girls to give you the'll love it...and learn lots.), the Hotel Garza Bed & Breakfast l, the Garza Theatre, and the Historic Algerita Building. Believe me, one day in Post isn't enough. Make time to catch a gospel show at the Ragtown Theater...and then...the shops. I stopped in at the Plum Crazy, a unique creative place. You won't get out of that place without finding something unusually cute! I'm heading back in a come too! Check out the fantastic history of Post at Happy Trails!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Making My Way To Matador, Motley County

If you're ever feeling the pressure of this fast-paced, never ending list of to-do's...and just need to get to a quiet and quaint place to let the world fall off of you...head to Motley County. Arriving in Matador is a bit like placing yourself in the middle of a movie set. Reminiscent of "Whistle Stop" in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, the town has a friendliness and warmth that is hard to capture elsewhere. The newly restored Hotel Matador Bed & Breakfast built in 1914, is a great place to end the day. Beautiful furnished great room, cozy, elegantly decorated guest rooms, and, OH SO delicious breakfast was enough...but add to that picture a wonderfully fun conversation...and I have to say, it would be hard to beat. Not a lot of eateries after about 7 pm, but right smack on Main Street Matador you'll find a quaint little inexpensive, yet yummy Main Street Cafe. The folks in Motley County are best-friend kind of friendly. With genuine hospitality, we were shown around the county where tons of interesting history abounds. Their local, Friends Who Care, are smack dab in the middle of renovating the Motley County Jail which is 117 years old- the oldest government structure in the county. As history goes, one frequently jailed cowboy would call out to passersby in the hopes of getting a cigarette with,"Hello out there." This story was relayed to William Saroyan, a playwright, who wrote a successful stage play with that title, "Hello Out There. Lots of fun history & stories go with that jailhouse. There will be a fun, fundraiser coming up this summer to add funds to that cause. While there, places to visit are the Motley County Historical Museum and you must also drive a few miles to Roaring amazing little place with a large history...and much pride in the beautiful park. Be there around two...and you can join the locals at the Roaring Springs Bed and Breakfast for coffee...and insider's information. Roaring Springs Ranch Club is near and offers camping, swimming, golf, fishing, and hiking...a place for family fun and happiness. More on Matador later. But...why wait....get moving to Matador. You can find all the history of this special place at

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Down to Denver City

There are untold blessings to discover as you drive along the vast roadways of the Texas Plains Trail Region. This part of Texas truly signifies the Texas that outsiders view it to be.....wide open spaces, working cowboys, oil wells sprinkled around the area, windmills, barbed-wire fences...and yes, the most amazing sunrises & sunsets imaginable to the human eye.
This trip to Denver City, Yoakum County wanders through Friona-Cheeseburger Capitol, into Muleshoe where you can view probably the world's largest horsehoe. Driving down further South, you'll pass through the Wildlife refuge where you can see the Sandhill Cranes. Denver City is a fresh and friendly Texas town that welcomes you with open arms. Go to http://www.texasplainstrail/ to find out the history of Yoakum County.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tales from the Texas Plain Trail Region

Welcome to my blog. Follow me as I take you on a journey through the amazing sights of the Texas Plains Trail Region. Hang on to your's gonna be a wild ride.

C'mon Up...the Weather's Fine

If you haven't ever visited any of the 52-counties of the Texas Plains Trail Region, it's high time you do. Many of the larger cities in Texas have great things to offer to travelers, but we, too, have some great things to do. From the night life at our largest cities, Lubbock and Amarillo, to the quaint & unique shops in the small towns that dot our land, you'll find the warm hospitality so welcoming. Go to and look at the many attractions and events that are taking place in our region. I can assure you that you'll enjoy yourself. So...c'mon up....the weather is GREAT! Happy "Texas Plains" Trails to you.



Tales from the Plains Trail Region

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