Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boasting & Toasting About Post/Garza County

Photos by Rick Vanderpool

I've said it before, but here goes again....when it comes to towns in the Texas Plains Trail Region that I never tire of going to....it HAS to be Post.   This community is the model for what I wish all of them could be.  The City, County, Museums, Chambers, and citizens all join together to make it the best it can possibly be.  CW Post layed out his vision, and I guess he must have known that people would come who shared his outlook.  Post's Utopia today is thriving, growing, and thinking forward into what it can be in the future.  For our 19th Stamp Cancellation, it seemed the entire town turned out to celebrate.  Pride in place oozes from each citizen.   After speaking to the 4th and 7th Graders (Thanks to Principal Marvin Self, an old crony of mine), we were all delighted to have a delectable luncheon at Tresa's, the Post City Mayor.  It takes more than a day to do it all.  With their OS Museum, Garza County Historical Museum, Ragtown Theater, and the many precious shops that I can't leave town without visiting, Post is a great girl ( or family) getaway.   They have Lake Allan Henry nearby to take in fishing/boating/or just relaxin'.   Speaking of the Ragtown Gospel Theater, Holle Humphries and I had an inspiring visit with Glen Polk.  Wow!  I left with renewed excitement for what can happen when you and God put your mind to do something. I know I sometimes sound redundant, but don't walk...hurry up and run to this fabulous city in the Plains Trail Region.  Find out more about Post here or Garza County here.  Deborah Sue McDonald, Executive Director.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gotta Go To Gaines County

                                                                                        Photos by Holle Humphries
Gaines County....a few tidbits to toss in your trivia pot.  It's the birthplace of Tanya Tucker and Larry Gatlin.  It holds the record for the coldest day in 1926 at -23 degrees...brrrr.   It's the Peanut Capital of the World.  It has a wonderful monthly Trade Days.You can be sure you'll find lots of treasures. According to some good golfers, it has one of the greatest courses in the region.  Although no one knows for sure, there's a possibility that Quanah Parker was born there, but if not, he definitely spent some time there.   Want more?   Oh, there's a cute little Feed Store that makes fresh peanut butter while you watch.  Yum.   Let's see....oh, Gaines County has 3 wonderful roadside parks that they have saved and made into great places to stop while travelling, have family reunions, or just for a walk or picnic.  Seminole has Gaines County Museum and Seagraves has the Seagraves/Loop Museum and Art Center.  Okay....forget all that....and just take a look at it as a visitor would.  A clean, busy city with oil wells pumping right in the center of town.  Yes, things are hopping in Seminole....traffic jams in downtown.  Is this Dallas? Dolores Mosser, Holle Humphries and I had lunch at the Taco Loco..mucho yummified. We stopped by the Gaines County Museum where very informed director Roy Barnes was filling students minds with the glorious history of the county.  Stop by to visit him sometime.  Check out their website to find all of the upcoming events.   Happy Trails, Deborah Sue McDonald

Excerpt from Dolores Mosser, TPTR Board PresidentThis is the largest salt lake on the Plains and the "debated" birthplace of Quanah Parker. It is in the very middle of nowhere and it did not help that the County changed the highway number on us a couple of weeks ago. But there it was, located in a sand-hill basin and gleaming white. On the west side of the lake was a factory type building and since there was not a "visitors will be shot sign", Holle and I went to see what this place was. We went to the main office and there on the walls were some great historic photos of Quanah Parker. The receptionist was very kind to explain that we were at Cooper Natural Resource salt/brime processing plant. Very technical but the basics are that the wells below the lake bring up to the plant the salt saturated water where the salt is extracted and the water recycled. This salt, I am forgetting the chemical name, sodium something, is what makes paper sacks pliable, powder detergent fluffy and plate glass strong. Just as we were about to leave we see this guy going into the visitor and research building. We asked if he was the geologist and Sid M. invited us in for a chat, needless to say, an hour later we were all parting great friends. He knew all about the history of this area and he confirmed my "How the Plains were made" speech that I love to give. We had a delightful time learning about this 24 hour a day industry. He was so very interesting, believes the Cedar Lake birthplace theory and he loves the Plains. Not an easy thing when you are from Illinois. . Oh, by the way did you know the name "Quanah" means "fragrant" or "smells?" Holli and I have a running joke that Quanah's nickname was "Stinky" because this lake reeks, at least it does now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Than Fine In Foard County

What a day!  What Fun!  When are you coming to Foard County?  Bragging once again, but what a beautiful ride down to Crowell on May 5, 2010.  Heading South out of Quanah on Highway 6, what did I find?  Bluebonnets and many gorgeous wild flowers decorating the roads. I've said this before, but when I drive into Hardeman, Foard, and Cottle County, something in my bones tells me that's where I belong.  Many of my ancestors are buried in those places.  My Grandfather Guy Easley and his family had a ranch west of Crowell, and I own a share of mineral rights.  (Not sure which minerals.)   Anyway, a special mood overtakes me when I start thinking about the land and how it once was.  
At our 18th Stamp Cancellation in Crowell (Who else can boast of being the Wild Hog Capital of the World?), the precious girls from the Three Rivers Foundation really made it special with a reception at the Post Office.  We left to enjoy a great burger, visit the 3RF Office....then made our way out to Copper Breaks State Park where Holle Humphries, Dolores Mosser, and I were awed by the flowers, Longhorns, lake, and natural beauty of the park.  Carl Hopper took us to get up close and personal with the Longhorns.  (See pictures to understand just HOW close.)  As the hour was getting late....and the road no shorter back home, we had to cut our trip short.  I did get to stop by the Rusty Relics Shop in Quanah for a purchase of some cute flowers.  They are the only kind I can grow anymore.  FAKE!  Crowell is such a truly cute place.  With the State Park, the Three Rivers Foundation Observatory, Star Walks, Fire Hall Station Museum, and Trail Rides--it's a town that surely shows its pride in place proving that, "Small Towns Don't Have to Die."  Visit soon, won't ya?  Deborah Sue McDonald, Texas Plains Trail Executive Director



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