Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boasting & Toasting About Post/Garza County

Photos by Rick Vanderpool

I've said it before, but here goes again....when it comes to towns in the Texas Plains Trail Region that I never tire of going to....it HAS to be Post.   This community is the model for what I wish all of them could be.  The City, County, Museums, Chambers, and citizens all join together to make it the best it can possibly be.  CW Post layed out his vision, and I guess he must have known that people would come who shared his outlook.  Post's Utopia today is thriving, growing, and thinking forward into what it can be in the future.  For our 19th Stamp Cancellation, it seemed the entire town turned out to celebrate.  Pride in place oozes from each citizen.   After speaking to the 4th and 7th Graders (Thanks to Principal Marvin Self, an old crony of mine), we were all delighted to have a delectable luncheon at Tresa's, the Post City Mayor.  It takes more than a day to do it all.  With their OS Museum, Garza County Historical Museum, Ragtown Theater, and the many precious shops that I can't leave town without visiting, Post is a great girl ( or family) getaway.   They have Lake Allan Henry nearby to take in fishing/boating/or just relaxin'.   Speaking of the Ragtown Gospel Theater, Holle Humphries and I had an inspiring visit with Glen Polk.  Wow!  I left with renewed excitement for what can happen when you and God put your mind to do something. I know I sometimes sound redundant, but don't walk...hurry up and run to this fabulous city in the Plains Trail Region.  Find out more about Post here or Garza County here.  Deborah Sue McDonald, Executive Director.

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