Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nothing Shallow About Shallowater, Texas

Shallowater, Texas, a community Northwest of Lubbock, is anything but one dimensional. It will be evident upon your arrival that its, "Texas roots run deep." This motto has evidently been passed on to the youth. A visit to the school will leave you knowing that the future of Shallowater is in great hands. Under the direction of teacher, Cindy Crouch, and Superintendent Phil Warren, the Service Learning Class have begun the Woodward Heritage Park. Dana and Elleine Woodward, former Shallowater ISD teachers, donated their Heritage Farm artifacts to the district and all have been moved to the Shallowater HS grounds. Structures include the home, and the school house (with the bell). Future projects include adding the windmill, corral, and landscaping. This amazing group of community-minded students have made a commitment to honor their past and embrace the future. Through their efforts, much has been done to improve the town. News headlines these days focus upon teenagers in trouble. Make no mistake, Shallowater has found the key to student involvement. These bright, creative, and visionary kids give presentations that major CEO's would envy. Visit their website at: www. to find out more. The Texas Plains Trail Regional Board of Directors recently had a meeting there, and as a retired teacher, I can say, never have I witnessed a more impressive group of students. If you are needing motivation for your youth, head to Shallowater to see the wondrous things they have done. Shallowater....a great place to visit and live. Check out our website to find more excursions:


  1. A little known (or forgotten) fact is that my husband, Deacon Leroy Behnke, coined the motto "Shallowater--where Texas pride runs deep." He was pastoral administrator of St Philip Catholic Church from 1990-97, and we left Shallowater in 2002. There was a motto contest during that time.He won first prize and received $$$ and a Shallowater jacket.

  2. What a great story! Thanks so much for the comment. You would be so proud of the students in Shallowater.




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