Sunday, February 7, 2010

Glad To Be In Gail or No Boredom in Borden

After a great evening in Post, I had an early morning drive on Scenic 669.  I often tell people that these drives are somewhat spiritual...enough so to stop the car, get out, and just take in the God-made beauty that surrounds you.  Many people jokingly talk of the nothingness in our region, but it is that exact description that I believe is our largest tourist draw.  A place where you can see and breathe nature without the clamor of the city.  It is these roads that bikers and peace-seekers yearn to find.   That said, arriving in Gail, put a smile on my face.  It's as if the world disappears in Borden County...a much simpler and easier way of life.  A place where everyone knows when 'breaktime' is in the courthouse.   A place where they give "strangers" the keys to the museum.   A place community pride and tradition is more-than apparent in their Borden County School--a top-notch facility that exudes warmth and closeness of faculty and students.   (Even made me miss teaching for a minute.)  No doubt, these students are given an education that will prepare them for any avenue they choose to pursue.  A place where all the locals meet at the Coyote Cafe to discuss day-to-day events and solve the problems of the world....which seem very distant from Gail.  A special place, indeed!  Deborah Sue  Find out more about Borden County hereGail here, and the Borden County ISD here.

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