Saturday, April 17, 2010

For Dickens Sake...Visit Dickens County

On a scale of 1-10...I'd give the Day in Dickens County a 10 1/2.  Good drive, great people, yummy barbeque sandwiches, fun friends, superb hospitality, smart students from Spur, unique community, and a picnic at Dickens Springs Park....what more could you ask for?   Margot Hardin, Barbara Bogart, Holle Humphries, Tai Kriedler, Dolores Mosser, Harry and Mary Martin and many more made the day a one to remember in Dickens.  While there stop in at the Dickens Museum and the historic courthouse.  You can find out more about Dickens County here.  Come join us at the next stamp cancellation in Donley County.  See pics of all of our community visits here.
Photos by Holle Humphries

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