Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Happening in Hereford!

What a fun day in Hereford today...April 7, 2010.  Funny thing, this same week many, many, many (No more many's) years ago, I was born in this Panhandle town. My Paternal Grandparents and other relatives lived in Hereford, so I spent lots of time there as a child gathering up fond memories of Bible School at the Baptist Church, taking swimming lessons at the now "cemented" swimming pool at the Park, and walking across the not-so busy 385 to buy some candy at the market.
      Today Hereford is a busy, bustling city, "the Beef Capital of the World."   My first stop was at the KPAN Radio 106.3 with Brad and Chip.  Great fun for me.  I appreciate them letting me yak for a while.    Deaf Smith County was the Plains Trail's 14th Special Stamp Cancellation Day, and boy howdy, it was a great time at the Post Office.  Thanks to Karen and her staff for serving yummy cookies and punch. (In a crystal punch bowl even!)  We had a nice crowd with Chamber Director Sid Shaw,  Deaf Smith County Museum Director Paula Edwards, County Historical Commission President Carolyn Waters, Hereford Brand photographers, Brad from KPAN, and several other fine Hereford residents....and TPTR Groupies Danyel Parkhurst, Charles & Susie Starnes & her sister, and Rick Vanderpool.  Thanks to Sid and Carolyn for inviting us to the Lion's Club for oh-my-gosh great Chicken Fried Steak from the Ranch House.  We enjoyed the program given by the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon.   Rick and I headed on out to visit Paula and the magnificent Deaf Smith County Museum---it's a very special museum. The exhibits make you feel like you are walking back into the past.  Hereford should be very proud!  After leaving, we drove around town looking at many of Hereford's sights  including the Deaf Smith County Courthouse,  E.B. Black House,  POW Chapel , Railroad Depot,  the murals on the Grain Elevators, Hereford Aquatic Center, John Pitman Golf Course, VFW Memorial Park, Spicer Gripp Memorial Arena, plus just looking at all the unique businesses and residence areas.  I'm telling ya, things are happening in Hereford.  Thanks Hereford for making the Plains Trail Region welcome.  Click to find out more about Deaf Smith County and Hereford.  Deborah Sue McDonald

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