Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exiting for the XIT in Dalhart

Dalhart, Texas...Home of the XIT Ranch Rodeo, Empty Saddle Monument, XIT Museum, Lake Rita Blanca and grasslands, La Rita Theater, wonderful eateries like Hodies, precious stores,and  exceptional schools. Put this all together and you have the perfect formula for the perfect place to visit and live. I would dare to bet that not many people go to New Mexico to hit the slopes without stopping in at one of Dalhart's many quick convenience stores for food, gas, and bathroom breaks.  It would be worth their time to take a larger break to poke around to see the many historical sites in Dalhart.    To find out more about Dalhart/Dallam County visit these places: http://dalhart.org/  and http://www.texasplainstrail.com/index.aspx?page=1190&recordid=5878    Enjoy your time in Dalhart!  Deborah Sue McDonald


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