Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cruising around in Crosbyton

There are some places that you just feel like you're at home.  Crosbyton, Texas is definitely one of those towns where the people are friendly, the food is good, and the treasures are many.  Yes,  Crosbyton has it all.  On every occasion I visit, I like it more.  County seat of Crosby County, it's evident that their heritage is important.  Wayne Parker and his ancestor, Quanah Parker, Ranald MacKenzie and the buffalo soldiers all played a significant role in making Crosby County what it is today. Thanks to many citizens like Gary Mitchell and Verna Ann Wheeler, the Crosby County Pioneer Museum ( http://www.crosbycountymuseum.com/) tells the story of Crosby County.  Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum has pieced together a spectacular collection of fossils, dinosaur digs, and much more. (http://mtblanco.com/)  In our recent visit to Crosbyton for our 11th County Special Stamp Cancellation, City Manager Margot Hardin, Amy from the Museum,  Chamber Director Jacque James,and Postmaster Jesse Salinas pulled out the stops to make the Texas Plains Trail Region feel welcome.  Crosby County has been faithful supporters of the TPTR, and for this, and being the kind of community they are, we applaud them. Other stamp "groupies" with us were Barbara Bogart, Charles Starnes, and Photographer Rick Vanderpool.   After a yummy lunch at newly opened Charlies,  Rick and I headed out to capture photos of Casa del Sol and the million-dollar Silver Falls roadside park---one that would be hard to match.  There's so much more to take in--like the beautiful Crosby County Courthouse, Prairie Ladies Multi-Cultural Center, the Smith House B & B, Veteran's War Memorial, Swimming Pool....well, there's too much to list.  This is small town living with a big town feel.  A place where pride is evident. To find out more, visit : http://cityofcrosbyton.org/  But better than that, take a drive to Crosbyton as soon as you can! Tell em' Deborah Sue sent ya. Wanna know even more about Crosby County?   Click here:

Photos by Rick Vanderpool

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