Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lamesa...LOVING IT!

                                                     If you haven't visited the City of Lamesa  in a while, you would do yourself a favor to do so asap.   Talk about a city with "stuff" going on!   It's not one of those slow-poke towns with boarded up store fronts.  The downtown square is bustling with businesses--all of which beg you to enter.  Some of the sights to take in are the Dal Paso Museum,  the Chamber of Commerce & EDC Office that is in a beautiful historic building, Lamesa Golf Course, a  hospital going in, and their brand new Activities Center.  All of these will wow your socks off.  It's obvious that folks in Lamesa are aiming at a great future.   Now, if that's not enough to lure you to Lamesa, here's a story that the people in the town are sticking to: According to legend (and a great little tale) Lamesa is the birthplace of Chicken Fried Steak. (Yep, just try googling it.) Now, of course, there's another little Texas town that makes claim, but again, "This is Lamesa's story, and by gosh, they're dang well sticking to it."  In fact, there "may" be a Chicken Fried Festival in the near future, so begin preparing your tastebuds for this tasty treat.
While in Lamesa, Holle Humphries, Dolores Mosser, and I had a great time visiting with Mike and Stephen at the Chamber along with Fallon- who really runs the office and is the facebook queen. Try to to take a tour of the museum.  Oh, and the greatest little (or big) road art is the giant Uni-Royal Cheerleader.  And from our visit, we highly recommend eating at the Mexican Food Restaurant. (Name later.)    Read more about Lamesa here or visit their website here.   Oh, and did I say, you'll love it in Lamesa???  You will.  Happy Trails, Deborah Sue

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