Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pointing out Paducah

Paducah, Texas will always have a warm place in my heart.  This is the place where my mother, Donna Janice Easley graduated from high school in 1947. The once-thriving, bustling town square is where my dad, Loyd Glass, first caught sight of her. Cottle County is also where many of my ancestors--the Drummonds, the Glass's, the Jones, the Easleys, the Yarborough's, and others I don't even know, hail from.  I guess you could say that my roots run pretty deep there.  On this day, March  10, 2010, I traipsed along rows and rows at the cemetery looking for my kinfolks who are now buried there. I have heard many a tale from Cottle County. The Cottle County Leadership Forum is making great efforts in cleaning up and restoring Paducah back to its earlier years.  The town was busy in anticipation of the upcoming Annual Pioneer Days.
The group from the Texas Plains Trail had a great time at the Stamp Cancellation.  Dolores Mosser, TPTR Board Chair,  challenged the 7th graders who attended to write to someone in Paducah, Kentucky, its namesake and also to take a field trip to the site of the historic "Tee Pee City."  At one time Paducah  had several saloons, gambling houses and a two room hotel!  We ate lunch at Crackers with  Harry Bob Martin, Holle Humphries, Nancy Cordero and Matt, and Barbara Bogart.  Read more about Paducah here: http://www.paducahtx.com/  or here: http://www.texasplainstrail.com/index.aspx?page=1190&recordid=6671   Happy Trails, Deborah Sue McDonald

Photos by Rick Vanderpool

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