Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snooping Around In Snyder

Don't just sit there! Scurry to Scurry. I mean, hurry to Scurry.  In a recent visit, I couldn't believe what all was there.  Thanks to the Scurry County Historical Commissions tour of the place, I got to see it ALL and more in two days.   Where do I start with this off-the-road-treasure?  Well, I guess from the beginning there was a guy named Pete Snyder who began the town in 1883. A few years later, a guy named Mooar (spelling is correct) killed a WHITE Buffalo where the city now is. As you might know, it created quite a stir. You can find out more at: http://www.ci.snyder.tx.us/  .  Snyder is home to Western Texas College and Scurry County Museum.  You'll find it fun to visit their beautiful City Park, Historic Buildings, very unusual Scurry County Courthouse. ( A courthouse inside a courthouse, indeed!), and eco-hiking trail.  There's always something going on whether it be the White Buffalo Festival, Rodeo, or Cemetery Tours.   I encourage you to snoop around in Snyder.  Find out more at : www. TexasPlainsTrail.com

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