Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Crowd in Canadian

I don't know how I'd rather spend a crisp, Fall day than in Canadian, Texas during their 2009 Fall Festival.   A perfect day to visit all of the quaint shops at their downtown area plus the Annual Art's  Crafts Fair was the happening place at the school with well over 100 booths to find that perfect gift.  First stop was to the Canadian Visitor's Center to find the maps to all of the places including the historic River Valley Pioneer Museum, the awesome Citadel Art Center,  and the Canadian River Wagon Bridge (Pictured here).   Ate a great lunch at the Fillin Station...but there were so many choices.  My friend Judy and I also made a quick trip out to Lake Marvin to view the beauty of the lake with horse drawn buggies loaded down with visitors.   Aside from the fact that I had a quick "brush with the law"....actually in trying to see the sights in such a short time, I was pushing the pedal just a little too hard.  It didn't keep us from running on over to Lipscomb County too.  Canadian, Texas is a jewel of the Panhandle....a community that has built itself to be a tourist's delight.

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