Saturday, January 16, 2010

Horsing Around in Muleshoe

The best thing about my job is the awesome opportunities I have to visit unique places and meet interesting people.  Last week in Muleshoe was no exception.   Arriving in the early morning to speak to the 4th Graders about the Texas Plains Trail Region and the history making special-Stamp Cancellation project that will be taking place every Wednesday for the rest of 2010, we were welcomed with friendliness by the Postmaster, County Judge, Chamber and EDC Director as well as numerous community leaders in Muleshoe.   But no...that's not all.  TPTR Board Chair Dolores Mosser, Photographer Rick Vanderpool, TravelHost Magazine Director Karl Rivers, TPTR Board Members Tom Watson, Holle Humphrees, Sammie Simpson and I all enjoyed a meal at the Muleshoe Senior Citizens.  Then Rick and I headed to speak to the Muleshoe 7th graders...then off for a local Televison Show.  Tom, Dolores, and Sammie escorted us around Bailey the magnificent Heritage Museum....a must see.  What a spectacular view of the Sandhill Cranes we had at the Wildlife Refuge.   We treked through historical schools, churches, cemeteries, and communities in the county.  And what could be better than ending an eventful day at Muleshoe's famed Leal's Mexican Restaurant.   Had it not been for trouble with my rented Hybrid Camry...and getting lost on the return trip home, I would grade it an A + Day.  Find out more about the really neat community of Muleshoe here.

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